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1 in 4 policies not covering students away from home

26 September 2006
A quarter of students who are reliant upon their parents' insurance policies to provide cover for their possessions while studying are not covered, according to

Even some policies that do provide cover may not pay out in all instances or may be limited to a total value of far less than the actual worth of the student's possessions.

The average student takes possessions valued at around £4,500 to university, yet as many as 26 per cent of home contents insurance policies investigated by did not provide any cover at all and a further 13 per cent limited cover to £3,000 or less.

"Student budgets are stretched to the limit so it makes sense to save on the cost of insurance by using the cover already in many home contents policies," said chief executive Sean Gardner.

"However it is not safe to assume that you are automatically covered by your parents' contents policy.

"With more and more students taking expensive personal possessions away to university they need to be sure exactly what cover they have and buy extra insurance if that is necessary."

Mr Gardner added that although few students were overly concerned with insurance, it immediately becomes a top priority once they have had the experience of being stolen from.

Statistics show that this unfortunate circumstance is more common than perceptions suggest, with as many as one in three students becoming a victim of theft during a year.

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