ABI aims to increase protection insurance awareness

14 July 2005
The Association of British Insurers (ABI) is campaigning for greater clarity on protection insurance application forms to help consumers.

It is aiming to increase overall awareness amongst customers about protection insurance.

To help it has published a consultation document, which will form the basis of guidelines for insurers on the design of protection insurance application forms.

The ABI particularly wants to focus its attention on those who have critical illness cover and the need to disclose pre-existing medical conditions.

"Protection insurance provides peace of mind and security to millions of people, and pays out claims worth millions of pounds every year," said the ABI's head of health and protection insurance, Richard Walsh.

"The insurance industry wants to improve knowledge and understanding of these products.

"In particular, we want to make sure that customers understand the terms and conditions of the product and the need to disclose any relevant pre-existing medical conditions."

Mr Walsh explained that claims are often turned down because of one of these factors.

Commenting on the draft guidelines he said: "In our view, this is the most effective way of maximising the number of claims paid and helping customers make the best choices."

The consultation period runs until September 30th this year, after which time a final version of the guidance will be issued.

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