ABI promises quick action following attacks

09 July 2005
The Association of British Insurers (ABI) has pledged support for all those caught up in yesterday's attacks in London.

In the aftermath of the four explosions, which killed at least 37 people and left another 700 injured, the ABI has promised insurance companies will deal with claims as quickly and sympathetically as possible.

The director general of the ABI, Stephen Haddrill, said: "The insurance industry will do the best possible job over the next few days and weeks following these shocking events.

"We are not yet in a position to estimate the scale of damage to property and the human loss."

He explained that policies usually provide cover for acts of terrorism but urged people to check their individual policies and contact their insurance company or broker if necessary.

Property insurance for businesses is able to cover the eventuality of terrorist attacks but is normally offered as an optional add-on. Property damage caused by explosion, as well as chemical, biological and nuclear contamination is covered in this way.

Some businesses may also be covered for loss of earnings as a result of an attack under the business interruption cover.

However, while life insurance usually covers terrorism, health insurance policies often do not.

Those with critical illness or income protection policies may find they are not covered for explosions caused by terrorists.

People with travel insurance can normally claim for medical expenses and personal accident claims, even if their policy has a general terrorism exclusion clause.

They can also claim for missed departures as a result of transport difficulties.

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