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Abbey urges homeowners to check home insurance

10 December 2004
As people head out to Christmas and New Year parties and the evenings draw in, Abbey has asked homeowners to take extra care to avoid thieves and to check their home insurance.

"It's sad but true that for burglars the festive period is a time for taking rather than giving. They are not at all concerned about ruining a family's Christmas as they go about their 'work'," Angus Porter, customer director at Abbey, said.

"The best defence is to do all you can to prevent it happening in the first place and there are plenty of simple measures people can take to make the burglar's life more difficult.

"The next most important thing is to check that your household insurance provides the right cover.

"This will lessen the impact if you do become a victim of crime at Christmas, or indeed at any other time of the year."

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