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Barclays offer home insurance price challenge

27 September 2005
Barclays are offering a competitive home insurance challenge to prospective customers by offering to match their current insurance price plus give them cash for switching.

The price challenge is open to anyone but is only available through the Barclays and Woolwich branch network.

A spokesperson for Barclays said: "To make the most of this offer customers should go into a Barclays branch near them for a quote and take along details of their existing policy.

"The quote will be like for like. If their existing policy is actually cheaper we will match the price and give them a Capital Bonds voucher for £25."

Research into home insurance by specialist insurer Hiscox this month found that the average student has £2,000 worth of expensive equipment in his or her student digs, but fails to take out home or contents insurance.

This makes them target for burglary and many lose out by failing to pay a couple of pounds for insurance, according to the insurance specialists.

The Barclays home insurance offer runs until November 4th.

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