Brits 'unaware' of value of possessions

31 October 2006
A substantial number of British homeowners undervalue the possessions in their homes, research from Legal & General has found.

The survey of more than 5,000 people revealed that some undervalue their possessions by over 150 per cent.

The two regions with the highest burglary levels outside London – Yorkshire and the north-west – were also those where homeowners were most inclined to undervalue their homes' contents.

Of ten regions surveyed, homeowners in Yorkshire and the north-west ranked seventh and eighth when it came to accurately valuing home contents.

"Insurance to cover loss of property from the home…could be over £20,000 below the level it should be," commented Andy Dawson, operations director at Legal & General insurance.

A "significant gap in insurance cover" could leave claimants "extremely disappointed" if confronted with the consequences of a burglary.

Mr Dawson recommended that homeowners review their home contents and check their insurance cover.

Full insurance cover is particularly pressing as the evenings grow longer, with British Crime Survey statistics for 2004-05 showing that 57 per cent of all burglaries and 68 per cent of attempted burglaries happen under cover of darkness.

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