Brits binge on beauty, says Churchill Home Insurance

06 October 2005
Brits spend so much on expensive beauty products that they should make sure their contents insurance covers them, according to a new spending survey by Churchill Home Insurance.

The insurance company found that men spend as much time in the bathroom preening as women do, and over half have traded in their soap for swanky beauty products.

A spokesperson for Churchill Home Insurance said: "With toiletries getting increasingly expensive and men matching women when it comes to caring about their appearance, it’s no wonder households are spending so much money on beauty products."

However, women are still undoubtedly the biggest beauty spenders - one in five think nothing of splashing out as much as £50 on anti-ageing cream while others own as many as ten bottles of perfume.

Seventy per cent of men think their partners spend far too much on beauty products and a further 60 per cent blame their other half for filling the bathroom cabinet full of useless lotions and potions.

The survey also revealed that over £1.7 billion a year is wasted on unwanted toiletries given as birthday and Christmas presents.

Another spending survey conducted this month by the Investment Management Association (IMA) has revealed that young people aged between 18 and 29 spend their money on cigarettes, alcohol and mobile phone calls instead of saving.

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