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Car insurance increasing, says Sainsbury's

04 October 2005 / by None
Sainsbury's Car Insurance Index has revealed that the cost of car insurance is rising, and the bank is urging motorists to shop around for better insurance deals.

The supermarket bank says that motorists could save as much as £180 if they looked around for better deals, as the cost of car insurance continues to rise steeply.

Sainsbury’s car insurance manager, Joanne Mallon, said: "Insuring your car equates to around 22 per cent of the total annual cost of driving but by shopping around, it is one of the easiest expenses to cut so it is certainly worthwhile spending a little more time on the phone or online.

"Some motorists such as the over 50s and female drivers could actually find that premiums have fallen recently so a little shopping around could save them even more."

Research by Sainsbury's Bank earlier this year revealed that over five million UK motorists only got one quote the last time they bought cover, meaning that they could have missed out on better deals.

Research has consistently shown that Sainsbury's offers some of the most competitive car insurance premiums around.

The index also revealed that insurance premiums were lowest in East Anglia where motorists paid around £300 for their car insurance and the highest in the Midlands where car-owners paid, on average, around £700 to insure their cars.

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