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Car insurance premiums threatened by speeding

27 March 2006 / by None
Getting points on your licence for speeding has a direct effect on your car insurance premiums, a new study has warned.

With a quarter of all households now including a driver with some sort of endorsement, motorists could be paying more than just £60 per speeding fine.

AA Car Insurance has polled a variety of providers, and found that some increase premiums by as much as 24 per cent for a first speeding offence.

Some increase premiums by as much as 63 per cent for a second offence. Nearly every insurer asked by AA acknowledged that a second speeding offence would lead to increased premiums on renewal.

"There is a direct relationship between speed and insurance claims so insurers take speeding offences seriously", warned Janet Pell, manager at AA Car Insurance.

Ms Pell warned motorists against not reporting speeding fines, however, noting that this could lead to the invalidation of their policies.

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