Car insurance warning for flood victims

17 January 2008 / by Verity G
Motorists are being urged to check their car insurance policies after figures from the Association of British Insurers (ABI) showed that 11 per cent of all claims resulting from the 2007 flooding were for car insurance .

Following reports that yet more severe weather is forecast for the battered British Isles, homeowners are preparing themselves for the worst to come however, with flood water levels yet to peak and more flood warnings issued this morning by The Environment Agency, motorists are being advised to only make necessary trips.’s Managing Director Hayley Parsons comments on the motor insurance implications: "At greatest risk are the estimated nine million people with only third party, fire and theft policies. These policies do not provide cover for flood damage and our figures show that 28 per cent of UK drivers have this type of cover.

"Generally, drivers will opt for these policies as they cost less than comprehensive cover. Sometimes this will be the right cover for the individual if the value of the vehicle is very low. There is nothing wrong with purchasing these policies, but it is essential in times such as these that drivers know exactly what is and isn’t included in their policy cover."

"Everyday we are seeing images of people driving through flood water and it is clear that people still aren’t aware of the damage it can cause to their car or the danger flood water can hide."

In addition, the transport disruption which is expected in certain areas of the country, particularly the south and west of England, is likely to increase the number of vehicles on the roads.

The Highways Agency has released an official statement advising drivers to plan their journey, check the weather forecast, road conditions, in particular checking that their particular route is safe in the event that the weather becomes more severe. Drivers are also being advised to carry warm clothing and an emergency pack, which includes food and water, boots, de-icer, a torch, a spade if snow is forecast, and to make sure they have plenty of fuel for your journey.

Officials have said that the next several days will prove critical in assessing the potential damage to homes, vehicles and roads.

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