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Cornhill Direct: Beware the temptations of DIY

02 April 2007
Homeowners with four full days to fill over Easter could find themselves tempted by a spot of therapeutic hammering about the house to while away some hours this weekend.

The bright spring weather of the Easter weekend makes it one of the peak times for DIY, contributing heavily to the £634 the average family spends on DIY each year, according to Cornhill Direct.

But the expense of sprucing up the home can spiral if unintended alterations are made along the way.

Amateurism may be the point of DIY, but there's no need to take the element of chance too far by failing to obtain adequate insurance to cover yourself in case your plans go awry, Cornhill advises.

Seventeen per cent of adults have caused a DIY disaster and four per cent have had to make an insurance claim after fudging an attempt at improving their home.

Meanwhile, Yorkshire Bank's head of retail Gary Lumby has advised home owners hoping to improve their property before taking them to market to stick to neutral colours and tasteful decor – or get a professional to do the job.

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