Direct Line gives named drivers no claims promise

09 January 2006
Direct Line has launched a no claims promise allowing additional drivers to save hundreds of pounds of their insurance.

Under the scheme anyone named on a Direct Line car insurance policy can now build up their own no claims discount – even if the principal policyholders makes a claim.

This means when they apply for their own policy and transfer their no claims entitlement they could potentially save up to 70 per cent off their insurance.

Previously named drivers could not build up their own no claims costing them hundreds of pounds extra when applying for their own insurance policy.

The scheme will be particularly helpful for young drivers who find it difficult to initially take out their own policy.

With Direct Line they would benefit from a 40 per cent discount if they had been driving for two years under their parents policy.

Emma Holyer motor spokesperson for Direct Line said: "No other insurer recognises named drivers in this way and this is a major step forward for those 18 million motorists who have been paying over the odds for their insurance. We don't think it is fair that named drivers who have experience behind the wheel cannot benefit from their safe driving experience."

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