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Direct Line reveals pet owners pull sickies for puppy love

29 April 2005
The old adage that Britain is a nation of animal lovers holds true as far as new research from Direct Line Pet Insurance is concerned - dog owners have collectively taken at least 2.7 million working days off to care for their sick pooches over the last two years.

These dog lovers are so concerned about their sickly furry friends that 55 per cent admit that they pay more attention to their ill dog than their sick partner, whilst just under half (49 per cent) go so far as to worry more about their dog than their partner when either is unwell.

The Direct Line survey suggests puppy love comes at a high price, however, with 14 per cent of those who are uninsured spending as much as £1,500 a year on their pet's well-being.

'Dogs are viewed as part of the family so protecting their health and well being is very important," said Chris Price, business manager at Direct Line pet insurance.

"At present only 16 per cent of owners have insurance in place so many people are forced to pay steep vet's bills. We would certainly advise all owners to consider pet insurance to prevent this unavoidable expense."

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