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Dogs and diamonds claimed for on insurance, reveals Lloyds TSB

13 April 2005
Lloyds TSB Insurance has revealed a number of bizarre insurance claims made over the last year, confirming that British eccentricity is alive and well.

According to the insurer, two of the strangest claims included a digital camera gobbled up by a dog, and a diamond accidentally eaten by a small child.

Another case of unfortunate ingestion concerned a video recorder, for which a claim was made after a sandwich was stuffed into its slot.

Other unusual claims included a contact lens which fell from the top of the leaning tower of Pisa, and a dining room chair which melted in the sun.

"With millions of homeowners in the UK, there's bound to be variety in the types of claims insurers receive. Even so it's always surprising what people will admit to!" said Phil Loney, managing director of Lloyds TSB Insurance, whilst asserting that the majority of claims are for common occurrences such as home accidents.

Mr Loney added: "As with any insurance policy, however, it's hugely important that people check what they're covered for. While some of the more eccentric examples wouldn't be covered by insurance, knowing the ins and outs of your policy can help you get the most out of it."

Lloyds TSB also revealed some weird and wonderful loan requests last month - with possibly the strangest request being £15,000 for a camel.

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