Eden Project makes eco-driving 'sexy'

26 February 2007
Giving an environmentally-friendly car a 'sexy' image might seem a contradiction in terms, but the Eden Project in Cornwall is determined to host a car show which achieves just that.

The April event will showcase eco-friendly cars courtesy of Co-operative Insurance, which is committed to environmentally sustainable insurance practices.

Attractive motor models on display will include hybrids, electric cars and biofuel-compatible vehicles from manufacturers including Saab, Smart and Ford.

And green schemes which can seem complicated at first glance, like efficiency labelling for cars, varying tax bands according to the harmful emissions a motor gives out and variable congestion charging will be clearly explained, helping visitors to make informed eco-friendly choices.

Co-operative Insurance launched the first ecologically-aware motor insurance product in the UK in 2006, and is positioned as the leading provider in a growing market.

Its green policy is 'interactive', allowing customers to feed their ideas into its 'ethical engagement' policy.

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