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Engaged couples betray trust with debts

11 April 2005
New research suggests that one in ten people hide the truth about their financial problems from their future husband or wife.

According to the study by Prudential, half of all engaged couples have difficulties about money - whilst one couple in three admits to ignoring their joint financial future entirely.

Belying entirely any antiquated idea about the man holding the purse strings, the research also found that women were far more likely than men to control finances in a relationship. More than a quarter of women said they did so, compared with just 14 per cent of men.

"This study shows that in the blur of champagne and honeymoon preparation many couples overlook financial planning, which is an important foundation stone of two people's lives together," said Angus Maciver, director of customer insights at Prudential UK.

"If arguments about money are so commonplace between engaged couples they should address the root causes and start planning and saving for their life together. The longer they wait the sooner the honeymoon period will end."

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