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Halifax Home Insurance: Brits unprepared

07 February 2006
Britons are unprepared for a fire in their home, according to the latest survey from Halifax Home Insurance.

Over 8.5 million people across the UK were found not to have a smoke alarm, while 25 million said they did not have a fire extinguisher and 31 million said they did not have a fire blanket.

This is leaving Britons vulnerable to fires, compounded by the fact that many do not even know basic fire safety knowledge.

Halifax Home Insurance found that almost one and a half million people would put out a toaster fire with water, which could result in serious injury or even death.

Vicky Emmott, senior underwriting manager at Halifax Home Insurance, said:
"Thousands of people are injured by home fires each year so it is vital people take adequate precautions to safeguard their families and possessions."

Ms Emmott concluded by saying that "unfortunately" the message of fire
safety is still "failing to get through to millions of Britons".

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