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Halifax Pet Insurance warns about the cost of obese pets

09 January 2006
A leading pet insurer is urging UK pet owners to help their furry friends shed any extra Christmas pounds.

Research from Halifax Pet Insurance revealed that 46 per cent of pet owners prepared a special Christmas dinner for their pet and 38 per cent said their pet put on weight over the Christmas period.

Side effects due to obesity in animals can include, diabetes, heart complaints, and arthritis and these conditions can not only harm your animals but can significantly put a large strain on household finances.

Halifax Pet Insurance also warns that not all insurance policies will cover the full ongoing cost of a chronic, long-term pet illness such as diabetes.

In fact, many pet insurance policies only offer cover on a per-condition basis, meaning that once the limit for vets' fees has been used up there is no further cover available.

Frances Wright from Halifax Pet Insurance commented: "Pets, like their owners, tend to expand a little over the Christmas period. Whilst a little extra affection over Christmas is fine, it's important to ensure that it doesn't set a precedent. Obesity is a major cause of pet illness – which is not only costly to treat but traumatic for both animal and owner.

"If pet owners make one resolution this year Halifax Pet Insurance hopes they resolve to find out the ideal weight of their pets and take measures to keep them in shape all year round."

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