Home insurance warning for music downloaders

12 July 2007
People who download large amounts of music may find their insurers will not cover them for their loss should the files be wiped from their hard drive.

According to a new report from Which? only 22 out of 46 insurance providers surveyed offered any kind of cover for the loss of music and other digital downloads.

With widespread flooding and serious damage to many electrical items over the last few weeks, homeowners would be right to be concerned over their music or video collections online, although Which? claimed several insurers were still hazy about cover details.

Computing Which? editor Abigail Waraker said: "Downloading music online is widely accepted now as being the easiest and most convenient way to buy music.

"Music lovers know it, the music companies know it, but it seems insurance companies are determined to stay behind the times."

She added: "We'd like to see insurance companies make their way to the top of the charts by providing full cover for all digital content."

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