Homeowners ignoring insurance small print

14 June 2007
Homeowners in the UK are leaving themselves open to insurance problems by not reading documents carefully enough, according to a new survey.

Tesco Home Insurance found that more than one in three people have their policy details tucked away in a drawer, meaning they are unfamiliar with exactly what level of cover they have.

This would be particularly problematic when new and expensive purchases have been made.

For example, some 36 per cent of people revealed they found out they weren't insured for some items after failing to check individual article limits.

Allan Burns, head of Tesco Home Insurance, advised: "We would urge all homeowners to read through their documents to familiarise themselves with the terms and conditions of the policy they have purchased.

"It's important to consider what sort of cover you need and what the terms and conditions are of the policy you eventually sign up to."

The research also found that simply choosing the cheapest home insurance policy was not necessarily the wisest idea, as certain important elements of cover could be excluded as a result.

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