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Homeowners prepare for summer sports

21 June 2006
The nation is currently in the grip of World Cup obsession and upcoming sporting fixtures look set to dominate the summer months.

As sports fans get in on the action and emulate their favourite athletes, homeowners are being encouraged to ensure that home insurance is up to date in case stray balls result in damage.

According to Halifax Home Insurance, the number of broken windows reported during the summer rises by 20 per cent.

Research carried out by the insurer already shows that such accidents occur more during Wimbledon and add this year's World Cup and homeowners could be faced with double the property damage danger this summer.

Vicky Emmott of the Halifax said: "World Cup fever combined with die-hard Wimbledon and cricket fans could lead to our highest level of claims ever for the summer months.

"It's great that young and old alike are inspired by their sporting heroes but it might be safer to take ball games to the local park. Homeowners should definitely make sure they are covered for such events."

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