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Kids carry millions, says Halifax Home Insurance

30 September 2005
Parents should insure kids' expensive equipment to prevent tears, according to a study by Halifax Home Insurance.

The research revealed that school kids carry £54 million worth of hi-tech equipment to school, including iPods and mp3 players.

A spokesperson for Halifax Home Insurance said: "Halifax General Insurance received over 20,000 claims relating to personal belongings with the average cost of claims exceeding £400.

"Furthermore, the value of claims made for items lost whilst away from the home has increased by over 40 per cent since 2000, indicating a rise in the value of items carried in everyday life.

"Just running the children to school can see anything in the region of £600 worth of items leaving the house."

Halifax offers Personal Belongings Insurance to cover items taken out of the house including iPods, mobile phones and jewellery.

New Halifax Home Insurance customers can get a 25 per cent discount by applying online.

Students were warned last week about failing to insure personal belongings when a survey by personal insurer Hiscox revealed that they own more expensive equipment than adults.

Natwest is currently offering a special package for graduates in shared accommodation, covering personal belongings up to a value of £2,000.

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