Lloyds TSB: Insurance prevents nightmares

01 November 2005
Halloween could be a nightmare this year as trick-or-treaters wreak havoc in homes across the country - but not if you have contents insurance, says Lloyds TSB Insurance.

The insurer has predicted that claims for malicious damage caused by trick-or-treaters could triple this year.

Last year the insurance company saw insurance claims rocket by 150 per cent.

"With 'trick-or-treaters' out in force at Halloween, a rise in claims for malicious damage to our homes might be expected," said managing director of Lloyds TSB, Phil Loney.

"That's why it is so important to check that you have insurance to cover your home if the 'trick-or-treaters' strike."

Bizarre insurance claims last year included a window shattered by a broomstick and a hall stained by egg yolk.

Homeowners who take out insurance online will receive a 15 per cent discount.

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