Lloyds TSB: Theft-aware Britons keep their cash close by

05 April 2007
As 2.5 million Britons prepare to jet off on holiday for the Easter weekend, many will be watching their wallets – though not in the conventional sense of saving money.

Almost half of all holidaymakers (45 per cent) are concerned about the safety of their holiday cash, claims Lloyds TSB.

And in what the bank dubs a 'fashion crime', almost a fifth of Brits abroad will throw sartorial sense to the wind and don a bumbag.

While these relics of the 1980s remain a reassuring way to keep your cash secure, those who baulk at a bumbag will hide cash under their clothes, a cunning ploy favoured by 23 per cent of Brits abroad.

Meanwhile, a cautious three per cent will resort to waterproof pouches to keep their cash close to their skin while they swim.

But these dire measures may be appropriate, given the large sums of cash Britons typically take on holiday.

With more than a third of us take between £400 and £1,000 away with us, travel insurance is also a must.

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