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Lloyds TSB: Travel insurance 'essential'

26 October 2005
Britons are frequently targets of holiday crime, making travel insurance even more of a necessity, says Lloyds TSB Insurance.

The insurance provider has estimated that the total cost of theft to holidaymakers this year alone could be as high as £200 million.

"It is absolutely vital that anyone travelling abroad, checks, checks and checks again, that they're insured," warned Lloyds TSB managing director Phil Loney.

The survey by Lloyds TSB revealed that a third of theft occurred in hotels, whilst a fifth of holidaymakers were confronted on the street and had items such as cameras and money stolen.

One in ten people told the insurance provider instances of theft "ruined" their whole holiday.

Lloyds TSB offers a range of holiday insurance cover and holidaymakers can save nine per cent on their insurance policy by buying online from the bank's website.

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