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Man-bags 'must' have adequate insurance cover

16 February 2006
British men are carrying around possessions worth as much as £1,000 on their person, but many of these are not covered by insurance policies, according to new research.

The increasing popularity of 'man-bags' over traditional briefcases or the plain old pocket are making thieves' work a lot easier, according to specialist insurer Hiscox.

Many professional young men have opted for the easier-to-carry leather satchel-style bags to put their iPods, camera phones and other expensive gadgets.

And with the invention of such equipment, the average value of a man-bag's possessions are a lot higher.

However, many standard insurance deals do not cover such possessions outside the home and so Hiscox has urged British males to consider a policy which covers all of their possessions on an "all-risks worldwide basis".

Kevin Kerridge of Hiscox said: "If you're fed up of your pockets being stuffed full of all the latest gadgetry and are one of a growing tribe of men carrying a man-bag instead, or even if you prefer to stick to the more traditional briefcase or rucksack, you need to look at the small print of your insurance policy to check whether your goods are covered when you take them out of the home."

He added that there has been a rise in the number of men claiming they have lost their bags or had them stolen, highlighting the necessity of adequate cover.

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