Marks & Spencer says pets get the sniffles too

12 May 2005
In the run-up to National Allergy Week, Marks & Spencer Money is reminding pet owners that their furry friends are just as susceptible to allergies as they are.

Fido and Felix could have red eyes and runny noses for any number of reasons this spring and summer according to Marks & Spencer Money, with fleas the top allergy cause.

Skin conditions, grass, pollen, food, dust mites, tree bark and drugs are all other common reasons why your dog, cat or hamster could suffer the sniffles.

"Pets suffer from allergies the same as humans do and at Marks & Spencer Money we aim to make it easy for our customers to get the best treatment for their pets," comments Peter Longstaff, head of general insurance at Marks & Spencer Money.

"Allergies can be costly to treat and could be with your pet for life, our policy will look after your pet year after year."

With a basic pet allergy test costing around £35, and further treatment ranging between £60 and £500, it really pays to make sure Fido and Felix are well protected with the best pet insurance plan.

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