Moneysupermarket: No travel insurance cover for drunken holidaymakers

03 October 2007
Price comparison site is advising UK holidaymakers to beware of alcohol overindulgence while on holiday as travel insurance companies will not cover alcohol-related injuries.

Head of insurance research, Peter Gerrard, said: “It is a little known fact that travel insurance policies have a clause stating if you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs at the time of an incident, your policy may be rendered invalid.”

“Enjoying a drink on holiday is not a crime, but it is extremely important that people try to be sensible about alcohol consumption,” he added.

According to the company, people from the UK spend £4.5 billion on alcohol while holidaying abroad, and many are unaware that medical attention is not paid for by insurers if claimants sustained injuries while intoxicated.

Men are likely to be most affected by this, spending more than £100 on average on alcohol while away compared with the £70 spent by women.

The company’s research revealed that those from south west England spend the least on alcohol (£55) while taking an overseas break, while holidaymakers from Northern Ireland spend more than three times this amount.

“In most cases, there is no way the insurer will know if your claim is as a result of you having too much to drink,” said Mr Gerrard.

He added: “However, if your insurer does find out, for example if it is included in a medical report when an injury is treated, they could void your claim.”

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