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More Than warns of street crime risks

27 January 2006
A leading home insurance company is warning homeowners that the changing face of crime in Britain may affect the contents insurance policies they choose.

This week's Home Office crime figures revealed that muggings have increased by 40 per cent in some areas of the country, while overall burglary from homes has gone down.

Thieves are now ignoring hefty items such as televisions and videos found in the home in favour of smaller gadgets often carried about on the person.

Senior officials have put these statistics down to the fact that teenagers today own more expensive gadgets, including iPods and expensive mobile phones.

On average, Britons aged between 16 and 24 own more than £5,300 worth of gadgets, according to research by leading home insurance company More Than.

"As this research highlights, there is a proliferation of small but high value gadgets not only in the home now, but also on our person as we go about our daily life," said David Pitt, head of insurance at More Than.

"It is important to ensure you have enough insurance cover for these items both in the home and when you are carrying them about on your person."

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