Norwich Union: Flood-proof your home

03 November 2005
Norwich Union has developed a flood resilient demonstration home to show homeowners how they can protect their property from flooding.

The insurance company developed the demonstration home after it found 80 per cent of homeowners whose property had been damaged by previous floods did not plan to make changes to their home for better flood protection.

"Nearly a fifth of those we spoke to said it took them between three and six months to get back into their homes after a flood, whilst over a quarter took nearly three months," said John Wickam, senior claims manager at Norwich Union.

"If flood resilient measures had been in place, this time could have been halved," he added.

Norwich Union's report on the experiences of flood victims is the largest ever survey into how floods affect UK homeowners.

The survey found disruption to family life was the most difficult aspect of flooding to deal with according to almost half of respondents, while a quarter of people said loss of possessions caused the most distress.

Norwich Union offers customers a 15 per cent discount on home insurance when buying online.

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