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Norwich Union: Kids at risk in cars

01 December 2005
Insurance provider Norwich Union has said parents are putting their kids at risk by failing to check car seats after accidents.

The statistics revealed parents are two times more likely to check their headlights after an accident than their child's car seat.

The insurance provider has decided to team up with Halfords to add a new policy to its car insurance to replace child car seats damaged in a collision up to the value of £100.

Craig Martin, product manager at Norwich Union, said: "Parents already know that they should buy a car seat to keep their child safe but they may be unwittingly risking their child’s health if they don’t replace the seat after an accident."

Half of people surveyed by Norwich Union admitted that they do not change their child seat after an accident.

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) recommends that car child seats should be replaced after accidents since the seat could have been weakened as a result of the impact and may not offer 100 per cent protection.

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