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Over three million homes at risk, says Abbey

18 February 2005
More than three million British people are putting the contents of their homes at risk by failing to buy contents insurance, according to research by Abbey Home Insurance.

Over one in ten people across the UK don't have any cover at all, which rises to a whopping one in five in London.

Many respondents also showed an alarming lack of awareness about the value of the contents of their home.

More than 20 per cent of those polled had no idea how much their belongings were worth.

Those who did - 35 per cent of respondents claimed their belongings were worth more than £35,000 - highlighted how expensive it could be to replace their items were they hit by disaster.

"People should question the financial sense of not covering the possible loss of home contents," said Richard Field, director of insurance at Abbey.

"The fact is that most householders have a lot to lose - not least a standard of living that could have taken a family years of hard work to establish."

With the research estimating that the contents of the average living room alone can be worth up to £3,000, Abbey strongly recommends purchasing household insurance.

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