Drivers unaware of what to do in a road accident

17 September 2007
More than half of Britain’s drivers are unaware of the correct course of action to take in the event of a serious road accident a survey has revealed.

The study, conducted by, found that while drivers were able to demonstrate common sense, depending on the seriousness of the situation, they could not recall the action points.

Shockingly only six out of ten drivers knew the basics of what should be done if they came across a road traffic accident but a worrying 80 per cent had not even heard of the eight-point directive in the Highway Code.

Despite the points directive being mostly common sense, the survey found that the majority of the drivers questioned could not recall all of the action points, in fact, 60 per cent of drivers were able to name 4 out of 8, but only 12 per cent of drivers were able to name 7 out of 8.

Jim Spowart, the chairman of explains: “We asked a group of drivers if they could remember the eight things to do that are clearly specified in the Highway Code. Most people could recall three or four, but very few managed everything.

“When they tried the survey on me, I only managed five out of eight. Of course, it is all about common sense when driving – but sometimes we need prompted when something serious happens,” he added.

“I think it’s a case of reminding people and perhaps the insurers should remind everyone what they must do in case of a serious accident. I suggest that they print it on all motor insurance policies. It’s a practical thing and it could help save lives.”

While most points in The Highway Code could be considered obvious, the eight point directive advises certain steps that may not be known to drivers such as not removing a motorcyclist’s helmet unless it is essential to do so and in the event that someone is injured, the driver is obliged to produce a valid insurance certificate at the time of the accident, or report the accident to the police within 24 hours and produce the insurance certificate for the police within seven days.

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