Post Office: Brits go credit card crazy on furniture

17 November 2005
Only new will do when it comes to furniture in British homes, according to a new survey by Post Office credit card.

The survey revealed over half of Brits who moved into new homes in the past year bought brand new furniture, while only six per cent settled for brand new goods.

Head of Post Office credit card, Gary Fritton, said: "Our survey shows that when people say they have a new home, they mean this literally both inside and out.

"Only six per cent of people said they’d be happy with second-hand goods in their new home, with the majority opting to furnish their houses with brand new furniture and fittings instead."

The survey also revealed six in ten people use their credit cards to buy large items like furniture and electrical goods such as fridges and televisions.

The Post Office recently launched a two-in-one credit card which allows customers to budget and save.

The card allows large purchases to be transferred to a fixed rate, loan-type facility so customers can pay off larger items at a more competitive rate.

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