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Privilege Insurance: UK drivers distracted

21 November 2005
UK drivers are risking crashing their cars because they are distracted by Christmas decorations, billboards and eye-catching signs, says Privilege Insurance.

Research from the insurance provider has revealed almost a quarter have been so distracted while driving they have veered into the other lane, potentially causing a serious accident.

Managing director of Privilege Insurance, Ian Parker, said: "It appears that the development of new technologies, products and advertising techniques is getting in the way of road safety.

"The implications of the increase in eye-catching roadside objects such as illuminating signs has not been monitored until today."

The Privilege Insurance survey found roadside signs and lights distract 83 per cent of UK drivers.

Male drivers are most affected, with 22 per cent confessing they cannot take their eyes off "scantily-clad women" in adverts.

Women are less easily distracted by torso-baring male models, with only 11 per cent admitting to gazing at billboards while driving.

Privilege insurance is available online or over the telephone.

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