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Privilege Insurance advises on great getaway

07 July 2005
Privilege Insurance has warned British motorists to ensure they check their policies before travelling abroad.

The firm says that inadequate cover could cost them, with even major cost savings accrued as a result of cheap foreign goods potentially being wiped out.

Now Privilege is advising that cross-Channel travellers should double-check the terms of the insurance - whether it be terms on third party insurance or the coverage granted overseas.

Privilege says, for example, that its cover for driving other cars is only covered under "emergency use" - with managing director Ian Parker counselling caution.

"In the excitement of planning a holiday it is easy to forget to check your car insurance policy. Finding yourself without adequate cover in a foreign country could not only spoil a good holiday - it could also prove costly as your insurance claim may not be valid if the driver at the time of an accident is not covered," he explained.

Privilege says it can guarantee it will beat renewal quotes for any driver with four years experience and a no claims discount.

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