Protect your belongings out and about with home insurance, warns Cheshire Building Society

27 September 2007
These days people are carrying around an increasingly valuable items with them on a daily basis, which could leave them out of pocket if they are lost or stolen without sufficient insurance, Cheshire Building Society has warned.

Some people may not stop to think of the value contained in their bags, but Cheshire’s research has found that many hold personal belongings that have an average value of more than £200.

Day-to-day belongings such as money, keys, wallets, mobile phones and spectacles are among common valuables that are frequently taken out of the home, but there are also increasing numbers of even more valuable items such as Blackberries and iPods which are significantly adding to the worth of each bag.

More than 45 per cent of respondents said that they take between £200 and £500 from their home on a daily basis, while 24 per cent carry valuables in excess of £500 around in sports bags, handbags and briefcases.

As a result of the rising value carried on the person, and in light of the fact that more nearly all respondents said that they regularly carry up to ten valuable items with them, The Cheshire is urging people to ensure they are adequately insured in order to protect themselves in the event that their possessions are lost or stolen.

Karen Torson, Partnerships Business Manager of Insurance at Cheshire Building Society said: “The survey highlighted just how much the contents of peoples bags are worth, and it’s possible that many of these items are uninsured.

“Aside from the sentimental value of their personal effects, people can underestimate the daily value of their handbag or briefcase. With street crime on the increase, people really need to check if the belongings they carry around with them are covered under their home insurance policies to protect against loss or theft.”

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