Sainsbury's: Disparity in car insurance quality

25 October 2005 / by None
Motorists may not be getting as good a deal as they think from their car insurance policy, according to research from Sainsbury's Bank.

A survey by the bank found that over ten per cent of policies do not offer a replacement car as standard in the event of an accident and the average amount of personal accident cover is only £4,810.

The bank also found that motorists are penalised when they have an accident that is not their fault, thus harming their no-claims bonus.

Car insurance manager at Sainsbury's Bank, Joanne Mallon, said: "Competition in the car insurance industry is intense and some customers could be tempted to give up elements of their cover to help keep the cost of their premiums down.

"However, it is possible to find quality cover at a competitive rate."

The supermarket bank's own insurance policy offers a 70 per cent discount if you have not made a claim for more than five years and provides £10,000 for personal accident cover.

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