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Sainsbury's: Insurance protects homes

14 December 2005
Bad weather, accidents and over-exuberant Christmas guests are all a threat to homes during the festive season, says Sainsbury's Home Insurance.

Research by the insurance provider revealed that over the past five years just over four million people have suffered damage to their homes at Christmas.

Over 1.57 million people claim their homes were damaged by over-excited children or by adults who had too much to drink.

Sainsbury's also found over 400,000 fires have been caused by people trying to light their festive Christmas pudding.

Karen Preston, home insurance manager at Sainsbury’s Bank, said: "The festive season should be one of the highlights of the year for most people, but the number of insurance claims made in December can often increase, partly because of damage caused by bad weather or Christmas related accidents in the home.

"Before the celebrations begin, people should ensure that their homes are protected as well as possible from bad weather and festive calamities".

Sainsbury's also recommends moving delicate objects out of the reach of children, never leaving the cooker unattended and keeping candles away from Christmas trees.

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