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Sainsbury's Pet Insurance names breeds most vulnerable to recession

13 March 2009 / by Rachael Stiles
The breed of dog most likely to suffer in the economic downturn is the Rottweiler, because, according to research from Sainsbury's Pet Insurance, they are the most expensive dog to treat.

On average it costs £441 to treat a Rottweiler – 61 per cent more than it costs to treat the cheapest dog, a West highland White, and 32 per cent more than it costs to treat the average pedigree dog.

Consequently, Sainsbury's Pet Insurance is urging potential dog owners to consider the costs of caring for a particular breed before they decide which type to buy.

For cats, the most expensive breed to treat is the Main Coon, the research reveals, at an average £487.93, 40 per cent more than the cost of treating the average feline friend, and almost double what it costs to treat the cheapest breed, a Persian.

"The average cost of treating different breeds can be huge, but many people don't consider the likely difference in cost between different breeds before buying a pet," said Neal Devine, manager of Sainsbury's Pet Insurance.

"We would urge people to look at all the costs they could face, from food to veterinary fees, before choosing a pet. Pet owners are well advised to protect themselves from unexpected vet costs by making sure they have good quality pet insurance cover."

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