Sainsbury's: Pet insurance 'necessary' for November

02 November 2005
Sainsbury's Bank is warning that November can be an expensive time for pet owners who do not have pet insurance.

The supermarket bank estimates around 5,000 animals will need to be treated for injuries caused by bonfires and fireworks this month - at a cost of £1.6 million.

Pets are so upset by the noise of fireworks, according to the bank, some vets are prescribing sedatives to help them cope with November 5th noises.

"Don’t let the noise from fireworks be the cause of this kind of upset, take special care and keep your pets inside this November 5th," advises Sainsbury's pet insurance manager, David Pickett.

The bank advises all pet owners to take out an adequate level of insurance cover to avoid being hit with steep vets' bills as a result of bonfire night accidents.

Sainsbury's Pet Insurance advises keeping pets indoors this November 5th and playing with to distract them from the noise of fireworks.

Customers receive a five per cent discount on pet insurance policies if they apply online at Sainsbury's website.

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