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Sainsbury's home insurance warns burglaries rise while uninsured grow

21 November 2009 / by Rachael Stiles

Sainsbury's is warning households which might be foregoing home insurance during the recession that burglaries are on the rise so they might need the protection of house cover more than ever.

Claims analysis from Sainsbury's has found that while the number of burglaries reportedly rose 2.8 per cent in the second quarter of 2009, there was a 13 per cent fall in the number of home insurance claims for burglary, suggesting that fewer householders are opting to protect themselves.

Earlier research from Sainsbury's discovered that over a 12 months period, 946,000 households in Britain either cancelled or reduced their home contents insurance cover as a direct consequence of having their finances squeezed.

Sainsbury's analysis found that burglary accounts for approximately 15 per cent of all home insurance claims, so it is urging households to protect themselves with insurance and take better precautions to make their home less vulnerable to thieves.

Commenting on the findings, Ben Tyte, manager of Sainsbury’s home insurance, said: "A rise in burglaries may not be a surprise during a recession but what is alarming is the decrease in theft-related claims over the same period which we fear may indicate that fewer people have adequate home contents cover in place."

Considering the fact that a significant proportion of home insurance claims are a result of burglary, he urges homeowners "to make sure their home security is up to scratch and that they have adequate home contents cover."

The average home insurance claim for theft is currently around £1,370, he adds, but in many cases is much higher, "which goes to show that if you are not insured, becoming a burglary victim could severely hit your pocket."

To avoid becoming a victim of burglary, Sainsbury's home insurance recommends fitting visible window locks which can act as a deterrent to would-be thieves, removing all keys from window and door locks and not leaving them in obvious places like under the doormat, investing in an exterior movement-sensing security light, fitting and using a burglar alarm.

Finally, in case all that is not enough, Sainsbury's urges home owners to ensure that they have a sufficient home insurance policy in place.

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