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Sharing your home isn't as easy as sharing your heart, says Halifax

06 April 2005
Spring is upon us and love is definitely in the air - and like the Royal couple, Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles, many British couples are planning to marry or move in together this season.

Cohabiting is a big step, however - and Halifax General Insurance is warning loved-up couples to be careful about checking their insurance policies.

Moving the contents of two houses into one can mean possessions swiftly multiply, and the insurer is advising that both partners check that all their prized items are covered on their home contents policy.

"However you choose to manage the influx of belongs the chances are after moving in with your loved one you'll end up with almost twice as much contents as you started with!" comments David Norton, head of marketing with Halifax General Insurance.

Mr Norton advises: "It is vital that people in this situation re-assess their insurance needs, especially for any heirlooms or collectibles, to ensure that everything in the new shared home is covered.

"It could be a costly mistake not to. Unless you already have unlimited contents cover you will almost certainly need more insurance than you had before."

Halifax advises couples to look for a policy with unlimited cover to make room for new acquisitions.

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