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Start protecting your pet young for best insurance deal

12 April 2005
Pet-owners are being urged to start protecting their animals when they are young in order to get the best deal on their pet insurance.

Price comparison website is advising animal-lovers that the age of their animal can make a significant difference to the premiums they have to pay, with policies for young animals costing as much as 50 per cent less.

"Caring for a pet can be an expensive business if you don't have adequate insurance especially given that vets fees in the UK are rising by 11 per cent each year," explains Richard Mason, the website's director.

"As a general rule, we would recommend pet owners take out insurance as soon as possible when their animal is still young and healthy as even though you may think it unnecessary, premiums are generally much lower and will stay that way as the pet gets older and needs more care."

The website found that premiums paid out for eight-year old cats can cost as much as twice those paid for cats aged four.

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