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Summer holidays mean more home insurance claims warns Halifax Insurance

23 July 2007
As the summer holidays begin, parents should be preparing for the worst after Halifax home insurance claims data revealed that a fifth of all claims for accidental damage are made in July and August, when schools have finished and children are more prone to getting up to mischief.

The data shows a 23% increase in summer for claims for accidents around the home, ranging from broken windows to spillages on carpets and is urging parents to remember to check their home insurance policies cover them for accidental damage.

Senior Manager of Underwriting at Halifax Home Insurance, Vicky Emmott explains: "It's particularly important at this time of year for parents to check their home insurance policies and make sure they are covered for accidental damage to the home and contents.

“This summer's heavy rains show little sign of abating, meaning children may well find themselves cooped up indoors for hours on end when they want to be outside playing, so they may get restless and find mischievous ways to amuse themselves."

The average cost of a claim ranges from £535.69 in Wakefield and Huddersfield to £738.37 in Cardiff and West Valleys with Glasgow taking the top spot when it comes to the area with the highest claims over the summer holiday period.

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