Survey backs up cheaper car insurance for women

07 October 2004 / by None
A report by road safety charity Brake backs a decision by the European Union this week to allow insurers to charge women cheaper premiums on their car insurance.

Nearly twice as many men as women received penalty points for driving offences in the past twelve months, the report claims.

Brake's survey of 850 drivers and riders found that 17 per cent of men said they had received penalty points for driving offences, compared with just nine per cent of women.

The survey also showed that over half (56 per cent) of men admitted to tailgating (leaving a gap of less than two seconds between their vehicle and the one in front) when on the motorway, compared with 44 per cent of women.

According to Brake, 16 per cent of men stated that in the past twelve months they had overtaken when there was a chance they could have hit something they could not see, compared with nine per cent of women, while 60 per cent of men and just 41 per cent of women confessed to breaking the speed limit to overtake on rural roads.

Women generally pay less for car insurance than men because of their safer driving record, but European MPs had been considering a new directive to make it illegal for insurers to take gender into account

Mary Williams OBE, chief executive of Brake said: "Safe drivers should be rewarded and I therefore welcome the EU's announcement to allow women cheaper insurance premiums.

"Historically, men have criticised women for their driving, but this research shows that men have much to learn from women drivers. Women may be more likely to make mechanical errors, such as when changing gears, but men are more likely to take risks that put others lives in danger.

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