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Tesco Van Insurance reveals white van man no longer rogue of the road

13 June 2005
He honks incessantly, hates women drivers and doesn't think twice about cutting you up at a junction.

Who is he? He's White Van Man, of course - but according to research from Tesco Van Insurance, the stereotyped white van driver as the rogue of the road is no longer as valid as you might think.

According to a poll conducted by the insurer, a quarter of British drivers believe taxi drivers are actually Britain's worst road users, much more likely to honk their horn or commit a minor driving offence than van drivers.

Indeed, Tesco Van Insurance's own records reveal that van drivers are statistically the most careful motorists, making fewer and smaller claims than their car-driving counterparts.

They are also skilled, with one in five van drivers having taken an advanced driving course or specialist driver training, Tesco claims.

"Van drivers are often stereotyped as rogues of the road however, our own records show that van drivers are actually very safe drivers, and in our eyes they deserve a good insurance rate," said Allan Burns of Tesco Van Insurance.

In fact, White Van Man is something of an idol for many men, with more than a quarter of men (26 per cent) telling Tesco they would like to take after their hero and drive a van.

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