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That's when good neighbours become good for home security

07 April 2006
A recent survey by HSBC revealed that 73 per cent of Brits ask their neighbours to keep an eye on their house when they go away, yet less than half (44 per cent) have a burglar alarm.

The friendliest part of the UK is Wales where 79 per cent of respondents reported that they would rely on a neighbour, closely followed by homeowners in the Midlands at 74 per cent.

Only a third of householders in the South said they had installed a burglar alarm, with respondents in Scotland (38 per cent) and Wales (40 per cent) almost as apathetic.

Stephen Young, head of general insurance at HSBC, commented: "On the whole we have become more security conscious and, as our survey shows, we are even willing to turn to our neighbours for additional peace of mind."

Unfortunately the assistance of a neighbour will not aid in dropping your home insurance premiums where various recognised forms of home security, such as burglar alarms or approved window locks, will.

"[These] additional methods…could not only help to beat the burglar but with HSBC, could potentially save up to 15 per cent on insurance premiums," Mr Young added.

HSBC Home Insurance, along with various other insurers, offers a range of discounts depending on your home's level of security and market observers recommend shopping around for the best deals.

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