Travel insurance snubbed by one in three holidaymakers

07 February 2008 / by Verity G
One in three holiday makers are failing to ensure they have adequate cover before setting off on their trip, according to a recent study by Nationwide.

Of those questioned, 35 per cent admitted to not always taking out travel insurance when they go on holiday, meaning that they would not be covered in the event of any cancellation, medical emergency or theft of personal belongings.

In addition to the lax attitude towards arranging travel insurance, it seems that many people have the same attitude to their possessions once they are on their holiday. 36 per cent of respondents neglect to take advantage of safety deposit boxes in their hotel rooms, preferring to keep their valuables on their person – and a very careless two percent, even leave their passports and currency on the bedside table.

Over half of those questioned go on holiday more than once a year, yet only 30 per cent opt for annual travel insurance, preferring to take out single trip travel insurance policies each time they go away.

Nationwide's Insurance Director, Robin Bailey, explains: "It is astounding that people are prepared to take such a gamble when travelling abroad. You never know what's around the corner and for that reason it is vital that you have adequate travel insurance in place.

"As many of us are choosing to holiday more frequently throughout the year, it is always worth considering the option of an annual travel insurance policy."

However of those that do arrange travel insurance, 89 per cent are likely to fall within the 25 - 34 age group and interestingly, the most travel insurance conscious live in the East of England with 90 percent saying they always get cover compared to those living in the South West where 25 per cent admit to never arranging travel insurance.

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