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UK a nation of car lovers, survey finds

21 June 2006
The 30 million motorists in the UK spend an average of three years driving throughout the course of their lives, according to new research.

According to Lloyds TSB, motoring Brits also shell out around £150,000 paying for their vehicle to be on the road in their lives.

Of those polled, 14 per cent admitted that they felt something like 'love' for their cars and one in ten said that their car was a significant part of their identity.

Phil Loney of Lloyds TSB Insurance said: "There's no denying that the car has a very special place in our hearts.

"From childhood and throughout adulthood, our cars play a really important role in our lives - and judging by the findings of this report they are obviously a source of many happy memories."

Given the pivotal role that motors play in the lives of Brits, he added that drivers should ensure they have adequate insurance to protect them.

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